About The Checkered Cow

The Checkered Cowwas born on a farm in rural West Tennessee. He was teased by the other farm animals because of the checkered pattern on his head. He was always sad and felt like he’d never fit in with the other calves. The constant heckling and bullying was taking a toll on him

One day, Ole’ Henry, the farm’s bull, pulled The Checkered Cow to the side, looked him in the eyes and said “Son, despite your checkered pattern, it’s not the outside that makes you… it’s what’s on the inside. Never let anyone tell you differently. Hold your head up high, go about your way, believe in yourself and find your passion. One day son, I will see your name in lights”.

Taking this advice and his new found confidence, The Checkered Cow left the farm for the big City of Memphis. The Checkered Cow found his passion and the rest is history.

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